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Gwen Stefani

Modern day icon

Gwen Stefani

Birthdate: October 3, 1969

A modern day fashion icon, Gwen Stefani is an edgy rock diva is totally daring when it comes to her look and her music. Stefani was launched into stardom with No Doubt's album Tragic Kingdom, and her star hasn't stopped rising. Stefani doesn't wear the trends - she makes them. Her music career has garnered her legions of devoted fans, and her unique fashion sense has inspired a whole new generation of trends. It's no wonder that the fashion world watches her every move.

Stefani is a music and fashion powerhouse. She turned her quirky and spunky fashion sense into a successful fashion line called L.A.M.B. Everyone from Paris Hilton to Halle Berry have been spotted sporting her funky designs.

Stefani's style never looks contrived. She effortlessly blends prints, patterns, and colors in a look that is totally her own. Her look is cutting edge and one-of-a-kind. Her trademark platinum blond hair and red lips are the perfect accessories for her sporty meets sexy style.

To get look like Gwen's you can't be timid. Be prepared to take some fashion risks, mix plaids and stripes, wear white after labor day; this look doesn't follow any rules. Try on clothes in playful colors like bright pink, and play with patterns. Look for fun accessories to add a bit of spunk to your look like fishnets, leopard print pumps, and of course, red lipstick!

Looks We Love

Gwen 1 Stefani looks California cool in this breezy dress. She sticks to her personal style by keeping her hair and makeup ultra glam.

Gwen 2 Here, Gwen does chic in her own way in a curve hugging white dress.

Gwen 3 No one can accessorize a sexy party dress like Gwen. The white feather boa and red pumps give this look a quirky edge.

Gwen 4 Gwen proves that she can do elegant evening chic just a little bit better than the rest.

Gwen 5 Louis Vuitton designers must have had Gwen in mind when they designed this dress. It looks like it was made just for her.

Gwen 6 Large does of leopard print is hard to pull off - but not for Gwen! She manages to make this look fashionable, not cheesy.