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Jessica Simpson

Blond bombshell

Jessica Simpson

Birthdate: July 10, 1980

A blond bombshell with a sweet and sexy style, Jessica Simpson is nobody's fool. Best known for her ditzy ways on her reality show, The Newlyweds, she proved to the world that being yourself really pays off. With a hit TV show, a successful music career, lucrative advertising contracts and movie roles, Simpson is one of the best-loved blonds in Hollywood.

Her down-home Southern charm and curvy figure are the perfect backdrops for her sex-kitten-meets-debutante style. Simpson chooses clothing that shows off her figure to its best advantage. Her style is always girly - you would never see her wearing any tomboyish looks.

Whether she is out and about in casual gear, or ready for a glamorous night on the town, Simpson's look is constantly evolving. Simpson loves to work the trends, but she always makes them her own - adding a sexy spin to everything she tries on.

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Looks We Love

simpson 1 Jessica looks chic and glam in this pale gold silk dress. She keeps this look simple; her trademark voluminous blond locks are the only accessory she needs.

simpson 2 Always willing to try new things, this flowing purple gown is a far cry from her usual body-hugging ensembles, but she pulls it off beautifully.

jessica 3 Curve hugging jeans are offset with a flowing top to keep the look sweet, not sleezy. The cropped style worn with boots makes this look trendy, but still totally her own.

simpson 4 The right fit of trousers can set off a girl's figure to perfection, as Jessica proves in these wide-legged pants that show off her slim waist. A sparkly cardigan and yellow tank are the perfect girly toppers to menswear-inspired looks.

simpson 5 You don't have to be a Brit to work a boho-chic look. Jessica proves that she is just as style savvy as her British counterparts. This outfit is the perfect retro take on the boho trend.

simpson 6 Another chic choice for Ms. Simpson! This curve-hugging dress fits her perfectly, and looks totally sexy-glam.