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Nicole Kidman

Hollywood's elite

Nicole Kidman

Birthdate: June 20, 1967

The statuesque Nicole Kidman is a member of Hollywood’s elite. The Oscar-winning actress can command over 10 million dollars per film - her impact on the silver screen and the red carpet cannot be denied. Kidman has established herself as a Hollywood and fashion powerhouse, dazzling her fans in magnificent gowns by Chanel and Dior. With a string of fashion and movie successes already behind her, the world eagerly awaits her next move.

Kidman’s look is pure elegance. She favors clean lines, metallic fabrics and goddess-worthy gowns that fit her tall frame beautifully. She is always put together - you’ll never find her in anything frumpy. Her clothes are immaculately cut to fit her perfectly; she pays attention to detail and the results are sensational. Kidman is the perfect combination of grace and style.

If clothes make the woman, then Kidman’s fashion choices are perfectly in line with her Hollywood royalty status; an A-list actress deserves nothing less than haute couture.

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Looks We Love

kidman 1 Nicole looks regal in this ice blue gown. The frothy skirt makes it seem like she’s gliding over the red carpet.

kidman 2 Gorgeous in a sleek white suit, Nicole shows that she can work hip and trendy looks just as well as a designer gown.

kidman 3 The ladylike and lovely Nicole looks picture perfect in grey silk.

kidman 4 Nicole does do trends - but only the ones that suit her. She pairs her little cropped jacket with a romantic ruffle shirt and slim-fitting pencil skirt; it’s in style, but still falls in line with her signature look.

kidman 5 Pretty as a peacock! Nicole dazzles in this jewel of a gown - dark blue metallic silk, accessorized with peacock feathers.

kidman 6 Nicole is a vision of femininity in this pink tiered gown.