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Paris Hilton

A young heiress

Paris Hilton

Birthdate: February 17, 1981

A young heiress with an eye for the trends, Paris Hilton is the ultimate party girl. With a multi-million dollar fortune and a closet full of designer duds, this girl is always the center of attention. Hilton has one of the most envied wardrobes on the planet, and her style is both fresh and outrageous.

Hilton lives in the spotlight; she can always be found at all the right parties. Her wardrobe is full of the latest and greatest, making sure she is never seen wearing the same outfit twice.

Whether she is committing a fashion crime or experimenting with the newest trends, she always makes a fashion statement. You will never see her in a little black dress - the hotel heiress steps out in flesh-baring outfits and bright colors, making sure she is always the topic of conversation. Throw in some funky accessories, and her chihuahua, and you get a look that ensures all eyes are on her.

To get a look like Paris’ be on the lookout for clothes that are cute and feminine. Check out dresses in wild prints and try out different lengths - long, mini and anything in between have been seen on Ms. Hilton. Look for footwear that glitters; anything strappy, metallic and rhinestone-encrusted is pure Paris.

Looks We Love

hilton 1 A retro-inspired dress and a pair of her signature white shades give Paris the perfect jet-set look.

hilton 2 Pretty in peach, this dress sets off her perfectly applied bottle tan beautifully. Very hip and trendy, this dress is hard to pull off, but not for the fearless Paris Hilton.

hilton 3 Paris steps out in one of the biggest trends of 2006 - skinny jeans. Worn with a longish top and platform stilettos, they’re perfect for a girls’ night out.

hilton 4 This look is uber trendy: ankle boots, long nautical sweater and a wide black belt. Paris works the ’80s vibe in a modern way.

hilton 5 A quirky and sexy outfit, this look is modern “ladies who lunch.” Paris makes this look her own with brightly colored shoes and white accessories.

hilton 6 Paris shows off her love of everything print in this ethnic-inspired dress. Topped off with one of her favorite accessories - the headband - this worldly look is perfect for Paris.