Art of SeductionArt of Seduction

How you can master the hottest fashion styles

What is your look saying about you? And more importantly, are you sure it’s saying what you want? If your style is sending a mixed message, take a look at some great styles that always come through loud and clear in our Art of Seduction section.

Your Style Statement

Whether you’re putting the sex in sex appeal or you’re playing it safe with a classic look, it’s important to know what your look says about you, and we’re here to help. We’ve got breakdowns of all the great looks and the celebs like you who sport them. It’s like a horoscope for your wardrobe!

We’ll also hook you up with some great fashion items and products that can help you unlock your true beauty. Our picks for perfumes, cosmetics, skin care and even home accessories will help you embrace your style in all areas of your life.

Playing the Field…With Style

Not quite sure which look best describes you? Don’t be afraid to experiment. You might find you’re part sexy temptress with a hint of softer romance about you, or maybe you’re a flirt destined to flaunt her feminine charms with a playful, commanding wardrobe.

But whether you’re working the hottest, sexiest styles and products or going for the less-is-more angle, we’ll help you become a master of seduction by mastering your look – and the world had better watch out!