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Jan 21 - Feb21

Aquarius Paris Hilton

Oh those quirky and unusual Aquarian girls! They are creative, progressive, and independent characters who march to beat of their own drummer. A unique sense of style is important to Aquarius and they are usually the first to wear the latest fads- they never worry that it will be out of style next season. These girls break all the fashion rules and like to be different. When Aquarians shop they should try to shop for clothes that make a statement about who they are. Funky accessories and colorful shoes are great ways to display their personality while at work.

Aquarius Star Style:

Paris Hilton - February 17

To get an original look like Paris' look for clothing that demonstrates your personality. Because you don't care what is in style right now, you are free to mix and match clothes from different eras, themes, and patterns. Let your imagination guide you!