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Mar 22 - Apr 20


Aries are born leaders with confident, energetic, and adventurous personalities. Action is important to Aries, and they need constant variety and excitement to keep them interested. In fashion, they like to be the first ones to try out a new trend, and their confident demeanor lets Aries pull off even the most "out there" new looks- they don't mind standing out in a crowd. Aries tend to gravitate towards a chic but slightly masculine looks with crisp, simple lines, and a good cut- they love the color red. Aries shoppers should look for beautifully tailored pieces like a great black suit and pair them with red accents and accessories that will "pop" dramatically against the black.

Aries Star Style:

Reese Witherspoon - March 20

Pair a well cut black blazer with slim fitting black trousers. For this evening look, team them with a camisole that has some detail: sequins, embroidery, or red trim. When wearing an all black ensemble, keep the look from falling flat by using different textured fabrics, like Reese did with her silky top. Finish the look off with some black open toed shoes to show off your sexy red pedicure.