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June 22 - July 22

Cancer Lindsay Lohan

This water sign is all about feelings. Those born in the sign of the crab are sensitive, emotional, and intuitive- family is very important to them. Cancer style is pretty, soft, and always feminine. Going through a Cancer's closet is like going back in time- they don't throw anything away. They tend to hold on to their clothes for sentimental reasons, to Cancer, every item has a story. Cancer shoppers should avoid the mall and check out vintage stores instead. There, they can look for clothes in soft colors and fabrics that already have a history. They should zero in on styles that create a soft curving shape to the body.

Cancer Star Style:

Lindsay Lohan - July 2

Look for gowns in soft pale colors that will make you seem to "float" as you walk. The rippling movement of soft fabrics will attract attention from many admirers. Flaunt your feminine side like Lindsay did with a dress that skims over your curves for a flattering shape that is sweet but still sexy.