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July 23 - Aug 22

Leo Evangeline Lilly

Leos are the dominant drama queens of the zodiac. They are uber creative and enthusiastic characters, who thrive on being admired. Leos dress for dramatic effect in eye-catching colors, and always wear the latest "must have" items. Leos are all about luxury; their closets are usually filled with expensive clothes- or outfits that look like they are expensive. Designer labels are very important to Leos, so when shopping they should try to take advantage of seasonal sales so that they don't break the bank. Leos always want to stand out, so they should take extra time to look for items that are one of a kind, or custom made, to avoid showing up to an event with the same outfit as your friends.

Leo Star Style:

Evangeline Lilly - August 3

Always go for drama like Evangeline did with this stunning gown. Purple, the color of royalty, is perfect for queenly lionesses. Look for a softly draping gown that will have others worshipping you like the goddess you are. Go easy on accessories: a great dress needs no adornment.