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Sep 23 - Oct 23

Libra Ashlee Simpson

Peace, love, and harmony baby, that's what Libra ladies are all about. Finding balance is important to them, in their own lives, in relationships, and with the people around them. Libra is a fashion conscious sign that is always wearing the latest fashions. They absolutely love clothes and usually look for feminine styles and lots of accessories. Libra's should pore over fashion magazines and websites before hitting the stores, to make sure that they pick up the newest fashions. When shopping, Libra's should try to form relationships with the sales associates at their favorite stores- they often keep a record of important clients and will notify them the moment new fashions come in.

Libra Star Style:

Ashlee Simpson - Oct 3

Look for trendy pieces that flatter your figure. Ashlee's grey skinny jeans and long top reflect the top trends for fall. Remember: trends change each season, so to stay ahead of the game, by getting the latest style news on the internet. Fall fashions are debuted at fashion shows in the spring and visa versa- so start compiling your shopping list well before a new season starts.