Permanent Makeup

No more reapplying!

While permanent makeup isn’t as popular as it once was, for some people, it’s still a great choice. Think of it: no more touch-ups or time-consuming makeup applications in the morning, just waking up with all your cosmetics already in place.

How It Works

Permanent makeup artists are similar to tattoo artists. They’ll apply color to specified areas using a needle and ink – sounds painful, but many report that the effects are worth the short-term discomfort.

You can get all kinds of treatments done, including permanent eye makeup, permanent eyebrow makeup and even scar camouflage, depending on your needs.

If you’re not ready to commit to the full permanent makeup treatment, you can also opt for semi permanent makeup – it has all the benefits of permanent procedures but has a shorter shelf life of one to five years, so you don’t have to commit forever.

What You Should Do

Before you walk into the first tattoo shop you see, take some time to research the pros and cons of this procedure. You’re already online, so why not take a look at some permanent makeup pictures and read some articles from websites specializing in the field?

Once you’ve gathered some research, be sure to look at a few places offering the treatment before choosing one. Remember, whatever a permanent makeup artist does is not going to go away, so you want to make sure you’re in good hands. Have each artist run over his or her permanent makeup supplies, including the tattooing pen and inks, as well as the supplies used for sanitation.

If you try all this and feel comfortable with your choice, set up an appointment with your permanent makeup artist and ditch your eyeliner pencil for good!