Skin Care

Putting your best face forward

The best accessory to your wardrobe is a great complexion, and that starts with taking care of your skin. Unfortunately, great skin is not as easy to get as a great pair of high heels – but just like those shoes, you could find the solution for problem skin on a shelf (or online).

Working Your Skin

If you have difficult skin, taking care of it can be as easy as starting a skin care regime. This means finding the products that work for you and using them regularly to prevent breakouts or smooth out rough patches.

Your first step is to identify your skin. Oily skin care, dry skin care or even combination – all these factors can affect your choice in products. Acne skin care and anti aging skin care also require specific products, many of which can cost a bundle.

If you’ve found a product you like or have one you’re interested in trying, try shopping wholesale online. Often you can order your favorite products directly from their labels or from retailers who can afford to drop their prices.

Pampering Your Skin

While you’re out buying new, take a look at your other skin and hair products as well. Body wash, self tanner and shampoo can all ruin even the most serious skin care regime. Try cutting back on these products or switching to gentle formulas. A monthly skin care treatment, such as a facial or pore cleansing, can also do wonders to undo any damage your face has gone though.

Remember, along with the right skin care products, a healthy diet can help with your skin as well. So when you’re out on the town with the girls, be sure to drink lots of water along with your cocktails and get a dose of veggies as well. Your skin will thank you for it!