The extra touch in your wardrobe

Great clothes are a lot of fun, but it’s the accessories that really make an outfit! With a great selection of jewelry and shoes and the perfect handbag or two, you can dress your outfit up or down with ease.

Glamming Up with Jewelry

Choosing the right accessories for your wardrobe is all about the occasion. If you’re going formal with a bold, embellished evening dress, or even with something more traditional, like a classic black cocktail dress, keeping your accessories understated will give you the elegant glamour of a red-carpet star. A simple diamond pendant or gold chain necklace works perfectly with a plunging neckline, while chandelier earrings are an eye-catching accent to a more conservative gown.

If you do go with bolder accessory choices, limit yourself to highlighting one area. A chunky silver necklace, bangles up the arm or a studded hair piece are each glamorous enough on their own.

Casual Fun

For everyday events or casual nights out, have fun with your accessories! Wood accessories are a unique way to get away from basic gold and silver – try beads around the neck or an oversized bangle to add a special touch to your outfit. Kick up a summer daytime look with a pair of glam wholesale sunglasses or bundle up with winter accessories like scarves and chunky wool mittens, for easy ways to add creativity to a plainer look.

Casual events are also a great time to over-accessorize, so don’t be afraid to double up on the necklaces or go full out with earrings, a necklace and a few bracelets. Mix and match with textures and materials, as well as with pieces – anything goes when you’re going casual.

Great Deals, Great Selection

If you’re an accessory addict on a limited budget, don’t forget that online shopping is a great way to find bargain prices on a variety of pieces, from designer handbags and diamond pendants to fun, funky and unique jewelry – and you never have to worry about fit!