Warm your feet, strut your stuff

Fashionable boots are a must-have item for any woman as the weather gets chilly. Not only will they keep your toes warm in nastier weather conditions, they’ll also give you a hot look to warm those cold days!

Fashion for Function

Believe it or not, many hot fashion trends in footwear are dictated by a need women have in their lifestyles. No, maybe those six-inch stiletto heels weren’t born of necessity, but boots – definitely.

Rain boots (or rubber boots, if you prefer) hit fashion runways and department stores all over, in some of the cutest patterns and designs we’ve seen since we were kids! Stripes, plaids and bold solids will make you want to jump in the puddles, but if you can’t find the perfect pair at the mall, check online – you’ll find the hottest patterns that might not be available in your stores, and you stand a great shot at getting a better price.

Winter boots are another combo of practical and trendy boots that flatter any style. You can find heavy-duty insulated boots or clunky faux motorcycle boots and military boots for those winter mornings when all you’re concerned about is getting through the snow (and let’s face it, we all have those mornings!). But if you want to glam it up, womens winter boots are also available in lots of practical designs that also up your style points.

Look for tall platform boots to keep you warm but also give your legs a long and lean look, or fur-rimmed snow boots that keep you warm and give your outfit a playful twist. These boots won’t leave you tiptoeing on thin heels, but still look a little more appealing than your typical rugged Sorel boots.

Step Outside the Boot Box

The important thing to remember is that you’re not limited to unflattering footwear just because the weather turns nasty. Before you head straight for the Ugg boots (even though we all know and love them!) be sure to look around for something unique that suits your outdoor lifestyle.