For all you women with a shoe fetish!

Most women know that while clothes and purses are great too, what really matters is what goes on our feet!

With so many fashion footwear options, you might think your shoe and boot budget will break the bank. But it doesn’t have to. Often women make the mistake of buying cheap shoes or buying new footwear for every occasion, when in reality, you can carry an entire wardrobe on just a few footwear essentials:


You’ve gotta have ’em, but not a hundred of them! A pair of black heels and a pair of brown heels (that are so comfortable you could wear them all day) will easily see you through for work – which means, when a special occasion does roll around, you’re free to splurge on that pair of flashy stilettos to go with your sexy black dress!


Ladies, if you value your feet, invest in a pair of neutral, stylish, high-quality flats. Ballet-style or a raised wedge still gives you glamor, but you won’t have to sacrifice your toes unnecessarily. Let’s face it – there are days where the thought of strapping on heels feels like torture. Be prepared.

Winter Boots

There’s nothing worse than being caught in the cold with improper outdoor footwear. Choose an elegant pair of suede or leather boots that you can wear on the way to an event, and tuck your heels in the car. There are many things women endure for fashion, but frostbite isn’t one of them!


Don't forget footwear for those days when you just want to lounge around the house watching movies or reading magazines. Invest in a comfortable pair of slippers and your feet will thank you.

Don't Forget

Limiting your options to shoes that really work in your everyday life can save you a bundle. But if you’ve got an incurable shoe fetish, save yourself some money by shopping online – wholesale footwear retailers can offer you prices you won’t find in stores. And more money means one thing… more shoes!