Hot fashion is in the bag

If you’re a busy mom who packs snacks and toys in her bag, or you’re a professional with a big portfolio, it’s time to find a fashion handbag that carries you – and not the other way around!

Go Big

Most of us, out of necessity or accident, end up with a large, over-stuffed purse. Tote bags and oversized shoulder bags are great for space, but beware of the bottomless purse-pit. Without pockets or dividers, you’ll find yourself digging aimlessly for all those important items.

You’ll also want a bag that stands up to the weight you put in it. Leather handbags and quilted handbags are often very durable, more so than leather imitation handbags, or worse, straw handbags. Most of those cheap handbags will fall apart at the first test!

Go Small

When you need an evening purse, say to glam up your sexiest evening dress, space is limited. Try to choose a small purse with a wide zipper or opening so you can still get your awkward goods in (like your cell phone, etc.), but don’t overstuff. Nothing ruins a delicate ladies handbag like an avalanche tumbling out at first opening!

Bags for Every Budget

You’ve got two options in high-end handbags if you’re a label kind of girl: designer handbags and replica handbags – oh yes, we went there! There’s no shame in designer replica handbags, but if the label is meaningful to you, we recommend saving for the splurge. A girl only needs one great brand name handbag, so if you choose smart, you’ll never want another.

That said, wholesale handbags offer you the chance to diversify without breaking the bank. Discount handbags are available online for great prices you won’t find in stores, and you might even stumble across discount designer handbags – that’s the best of both worlds!