Mastectomy Bras

Take control of your body

The survival rate for breast cancer is increasing, but unfortunately, a battle still lies ahead for those who come through the disease. Breast cancer, particularly when a mastectomy or partial mastectomy is involved, can have a negative effect on a woman’s confidence and body image.

Restoring Your Shape

While some women consider breast reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy, others opt for less drastic solutions than breast reconstruction. A post mastectomy bra helps to restore your figure to its shape before breast cancer.

A mastectomy bra contains pockets used to hold prostheses. Breast prostheses come in a variety of materials, though silicone best simulates the look and weight of a real breast. Not only do prostheses allow for aesthetic symmetry, but they also prevent physical problems such as back, neck and shoulder pain due to uneven weight distribution in the chest area.

Prostheses come in a variety of shapes and styles to accommodate any breast cancer survivor. In support of the many women who live through the disease, some mastectomy bras and prostheses can be purchased online and many sites donate a portion of proceeds to promoting breast cancer awareness.

Restoring Your Life

To keep a svelte physique post mastectomy, a sports mastectomy bra is vital to a comfortable workout. Uneven weight can be a severe problem causing pain during workouts. Mastectomy sports bras provide symmetry while preventing prosthesis slippage during intense exercise.

Mastectomy swimsuits allow for the same security and comfort so you can swim, tan or even play a round of beach volleyball without worrying about your prosthesis showing or sliding. Mastectomy wear also comes for everyday use, from nighties to camisoles with secure, comfortable prosthesis pockets.

Although your body has changed after breast cancer, your life doesn’t have to. Mastectomy products are available to help you get back to the activities you love without any stigma.