The foundation for great outfits

The best way to feel sexy and confident in any outfit is to dress the part underneath! While picking out your day-to-day lingerie may seem kind of blah, there are ways to have a little fun with your underwear – without resorting to anything too wild!

What to Wear Under There

Basically, on a day-to-day basis women have to concern themselves only with bras and underwear. These are the two most important pieces, and therefore warrant the most research. When it comes to buying bras, most women worry more about fit than style – how to find the right cup size, the right straps and the right kind of support needed to keep everything where it should be (or a little higher!).


Whether you’re looking for specialty nursing bras, mastectomy bras or just the high-end new hoist-’em-up and push-’em-together push-ups, the buying process can be time-consuming and difficult. If you’re in for the legwork, asking a sales attendant to help you with fit is helpful, but if you’re on your own shopping online, you can still find the answers you need. Many retailers offer sizing charts and details about each of their bras that can help you determine the best fit and fabric for your needs.


If it’s underwear you’re looking for, style and comfort are the primary concerns. From racy thongs to comfortable cotton panties, every woman has her own style, and often she’ll stick with it! If you’re looking to try something new with your underwear though, you can experiment with color and pattern while keeping your classic fit. Have a pair customized as a silly gift or a naughty treat with any number of online retailers, just be sure to read the size charts so you get a good fit.


Beyond bras and panties, womens nightgowns are also considered to be lingerie by many people. While not all nightgowns are frilly, there's no reason that your pajamas can't be comfortable and sexy at the same time. Even cotton flannel nightgowns can look cute if you wear them with some confidence. Besides, you can always keep a sexy silk nightie in the closet for special occasions.

Plus Size Lingerie

Lingerie isn't exclusive to those of us who are thin. There's absolutely no reason why bigger women can't be beautiful! If you're a full-figured woman, then wrap your curves in something sexy and start strutting your stuff.

Your Lingerie Motto

Although bras and underwear are our staples, we have to have a little fun with lingerie as well. A sexy camisole or frisky teddy can be just the item to give you some extra sex appeal and a lot of self-confidence. Remember, start your great look with what’s under your clothes and the whole package will come out better!