A new shape, a new wardrobe

Depending on when you start to show, you could find yourself in need of a whole new pregnancy wardrobe! Many moms-to-be feel more comfortable with their changing body shape when they have clothes that look and feel good – no more oversized mens t shirts and sweatpants.

Maternity fashion has come a long way in terms of style and fit. Nowadays every body type can be flattered, with great selection in both petite and plus size maternity wear. You can also find maternity fashion for any occasion, from formal maternity wear to comfortable maternity sleepwear to keep you resting comfortably at night.

Maternity Clothes for Every Mom-to-Be

Certain types of maternity clothes can be difficult for expecting moms to find, particularly in styles that look great and flatter the baby belly. A maternity bathing suit is among these. While it may seem impossible to find a flattering look in something so form-fitting, maternity swimwear has improved greatly in style and comfort, and plenty of cute tankinis and one pieces (or even bikinis for bolder expecting moms!) are emerging.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in stores, consider looking online for bathing suits, lingerie or even maternity wedding apparel. You’ll find a much broader selection in even the most common types of maternity clothing, and you may even find some great deals as well!

The great thing about maternity wear is that it will also see you through the months after the baby is born, before your figure returns to its pre-pregnancy size. After all, you may be on maternity leave and sticking around the house a bit more, but that doesn’t mean you want your new baby stealing all the attention! Consider investing in some great classic pieces that will see you through your maternity time – and maybe through the next time around as well!