Maternity Swimwear

Don’t let your belly keep you in the shade

For some, the idea of sporting a bathing suit during pregnancy induces nausea worse than morning sickness. However, maternity swimsuits are specially designed with the pregnant woman in mind. Though ordinary swimsuits stretch, they generally don’t have enough give to match the comfort of maternity bathing suits. Fortunately though, most pregnant women no longer have to resort to ordinary swimwear with the many options available in maternity swimwear.

Maternity Swimwear Styles

A one-piece maternity swimsuit is often the most popular style. These suits have a front belly pouch made of an extra-stretchy material that allows for an ever-growing baby bump. Some one-pieces have skirts or even short dresses to disguise weight gain.

For those a little more comfortable with their pregnancy physique, maternity bikini swimwear is another option. The top has a built-in shelf bra to give adequate support for your new chest, while the two-piece design exposes your belly to the sun, letting you achieve an even tan.

For a compromise between a one-piece and a bikini, a tankini is yet another possibility. It can feel less constricting than a whole-piece but effectively covers your tummy. Some come in styles that flow freely over the stomach allowing for a more relaxed fit, while others are form-fitting to show off your burgeoning bump.

Fun in the Sun

Not only is style key in a flattering look, but so are pattern and color. Busy patterns and dark colors slim your figure while lighter colors and bolder patterns can create the illusion of extra pounds. When wearing stripes, vertical lines streamline your figure while horizontal ones widen it.

The most important thing in finding the maternity swimsuit for you is that you feel confident and comfortable, so that your pregnancy will only change your lifestyle for the better. Have fun with your swimwear and don’t be shy about strutting your stuff on the beach!