Hitting the beach with confidence!

There’s no reason to dread the beach this summer! Even if your body isn’t bikini-ready, womens swimwear options are so diverse that you’ll have no trouble finding what you need to rock the beach.

Swimwear for the Daring Diver

If you’ve worked hard for your bikini bod, why not show it off? Sexy swimwear does just that. From bikinis and thongs to sheer swimwear for the truly risqué, nothing feels better than walking the beach in a smashing suit! Even maternity swimwear can flatter the figure. Once bland and boring, these suits now flatter or reveal the baby bump with great patterns and detailing to give style to fashionista moms-to-be.

Swimwear for the Subtle Starfish

If you’re not ready to make the beach your runway, there are plenty of modest swimsuit styles to choose from. For full-figured women, tankini swimwear is a great option because it gives you full coverage in a fun, trendy style. Mixing swimwear pieces is the best way to get a look that works for your body. You can choose fuller bottoms and a daring top or vice versa, depending on which features you want to emphasize. If you want to cover up, try a sarong for extra style points.

If you’re a woman with a great bod, but are just concerned about keeping things tasteful and functional – all you moms out there know what we’re talking about – one piece swimwear could be the way to go. Balance the practicality of full coverage and sturdy straps with fun details like buckles or bows. No one says you have to give up your style, just because you spend your time rounding up your little beachcombers!

If you’re having trouble finding a bathing suit and can’t bear another moment in the fitting room, expand your search to include online retailers – you’ll find diverse patterns and styles, as well as great deals on discount swimwear. Most online retailers have great return policies that don’t cost you anything, so you can search to your heart’s content!