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Sexy style in one great piece

A night on the town, dinner with the in-laws. Dressing up gives women major confidence! But the trick is finding the right dress – from long dresses to short dresses, formal or casual, here’s how to make dresses work.

Special Occasion Dresses

We’re not talking full-on beauty pageant dresses here, but subtle details and classic lines will make you the belle of any ball. Vintage dresses with fun fringe or beadwork can set you apart from bland designer dresses at a formal event, and can save you the hefty price tag. If the occasion is more festive – say, celebrating your birthday with the girls – opt for a sexy, fitted halter that says “I don’t look a day over 21!”

When it comes to cut of a formal dress, the golden rule is say no to too much skin. Skip shapeless, drab gothic dresses for something fitted, but don’t spoil the look with a bare-all snafu – choose your hottest feature (cleavage, legs, whatever) and give it undivided attention by keeping exposure tasteful.

Everyday Casual Dresses

While it may seem like too much effort when you’re in a rush, you’d be surprised by how easily a casual dress can blend into your daily wardrobe. Bright summer wraps or sexy sundresses are a breeze to put on, and when the weather’s warm you can ditch the pantyhose!

For the colder months, the latest in hot leggings can help you bundle up while still making a style statement. Loose knit dresses with black tights give you a runway look that’s warm and cozy.

Remember ladies, they don’t call them womens dresses for no reason – it’s our right to have as much fun as we can with our favorite fashion item! So don’t fear the dress. Find a style that works and flaunt your inner fashionista!