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Denim Skirts

No closet is complete without one

If you don’t have at least one denim skirt in your wardrobe, you’re missing a staple item!

Denim is so versatile, it’s often worked into the latest fashions as quickly as any other fabric. While certain denim styles – acid wash, anyone? – quickly pass out of favor, there are some styles of jean skirts that will always be in fashion.

Denim Casual

For a casual and fun look, try a pleated denim skirt or a jean mini skirt. These short jean skirts might seem a little young, but with a sophisticated top and high heels, they look far more mature and are always age-appropriate. You can always wear them with fitted printed t shirts for a comfortable errand-running outfit.

Denim Dressy

Jean mini skirts aren’t for everyone, so if you’re not feeling a short denim skirt, shop for long jean skirts instead. Long denim skirts (that includes anything from the knees on down) are perfect for casual Fridays at the office, but you can also glam them up for a night out with the girls. Throw on a cute tank top and some great accessories and you’re comfortable and stylish enough for whatever the evening brings.

Just like your favorite pair of jeans, blue jean skirts come in all sorts of shapes, so there is one out there for everyone – and hey, it doesn’t even have to be blue! The best way to find a jean skirt that works for you is to look at the styles you wear in other fabrics – no doubt somebody has adapted the same look in denim!