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Hot styles that fit and flatter

Got legs and know how to use them? Even if you don’t have perfect legs, there are skirts out there to flatter every figure.

Often, the right skirt is determined by the shape and proportion of your body. If you’re curvy, be cautious of adding bulk to your frame with a puffy, poodle skirt style or long hippie skirts. Although it may not seem like it, fitting a skirt to your curves, such as with a shapely-yet-forgiving pencil skirt or a low-waist A line skirt, can actually make you look smaller and can camouflage problem areas.

Got the opposite problem, tall and thin with no hips in sight? Show a bit of leg with a hot mini skirt! It takes some confidence to pull one off, but know that all short skirts are not created equal – you can go with fun and flirty pleated school skirts or with tight skirts like leather minis to completely change your look. Just remember to leave room to bend, or you’ll be showing off more than just your legs!


The skirt staple in every woman’s wardrobe is of the jean variety. Long or short, dark wash or light, you can dress a denim skirt up or down with ease. Wear with a fitted blouse and some glam accessories like multiple silver bangles or a bright handbag to take your denim out on the town, or pair it with a cute polo shirt for casual occasions.

Whether you’re full-figured or petite, skirts are a great way to add femininity and flatter your body type. Focus on showing off your assets and working with your curves and angles, rather than hiding them. Whether they’re wholesale skirts or designer labels, hot skirts are not determined by price – it’s all about how you wear them!