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Mini Skirts

Show some leg!

When you were a little girl, and likely even as a teenager, your mother probably didn’t let you wear very short skirts. Now that you’re an adult, you may be afraid that sexy mini skirts will make you look trashy. So when and how can you wear short skirts appropriately and without showing too much skin?

Go Short

Tight mini skirts, when worn properly, can actually look quite sophisticated. Women in short skirts definitely draw attention, so be sure to select a skirt that will cover your entire rear end if you want that attention to stay tasteful.

Denim mini skirts are the most common type of tight mini skirts. They can be worn with casual tops, like tank tops or fitted t-shirts, for a very casual look or with leggings underneath if you want to cover up a little more skin. Glam up your denim mini skirt with high heels and a fancier top for a hot look that's perfect for night clubs.

Go Shorter

If you’ve got it and you’re eager to flaunt it, leather mini skirts and mini crinoline skirts are a hot trend, even in Hollywood. But the boldest opt for micro skirts. Barely-there micro mini skirts are a fashion risk and require some confidence to pull off. They also require you to pay attention, since even the slightest bend can put a little too much on display.

Even if you don’t go micro, don’t be afraid to try out sexy short skirts . If you’re nervous about the length or unaccustomed to the style, try shopping for skorts – the shorts underneath your tight mini skirt will give you extra reassurance and make you more comfortable.


When Britney Spears danced her way down a high school hallway in a schoolgirl kilt, boys went wild. But not to worry – those boys have grown up by now and so have pleated skirts. The so-called “schoolgirl skirt” can actually be a great fashion statement for a woman, as long as it fits properly and covers everything that should be covered.

Pleated plaid skirts in general are entirely appropriate work wear, especially when they are worn with collared shirts, sweaters or fashionable vests. Plaid mini skirts, on the other hand, are usually shorter and consequently are better left for the social scene where they can be glammed up with jewelry and a tight t shirt or tank top.

Minis are more often associated with “school skirts” because high school girls will roll up their mandatory uniforms as short as they can get away with. If you wear yours tastefully and with confidence, nobody can accuse you of being anything like a teenager.

For true Scottish lassies, visit a Scotch memorabilia store or shop online for your family’s tartan in their line of plaid skirts. The same goes for Irish kilts – seek one out that is meaningful to you.

Tennis Skirts

Athletes like professional tennis players and cheerleaders have highly toned and defined bodies, so of course more women want to look just like them. This may be why sporty skirts have made their way into mainstream fashion.

Womens tennis skirts are a fun addition to your summer wardrobe. They can be worn as everyday skirts when they are paired with simple tank tops, or even long-sleeve t-shirts when the air is a little bit cooler. Instead of running shoes, pull your outfit together with flip flops or flat ballet shoes.

Cheerleading skirts are similar to the tennis style, but are usually a little fuller. Just like tennis skirts, cheerleading skirts should come with shorts underneath – because who knows when you might get tossed up in the air?

You can find discounted tennis skirts in sports stores and online, particularly at the end of tennis season. These skirts don’t change in style much, so it won’t hurt to pick one up and save it for next year.