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The top 5 brand names

It’s hard to think of a more common pair of pants than jeans. They’re everywhere, having evolved far beyond their humble roots as simple, practical work pants into decades of use as fashion statements. They remain popular because of the myriad of designer jeans and their versatility of style. They can be dressed up or casual and they range in styles from low-rise hip-huggers to relaxed bootcuts to flares and overalls and so much more. Here’s a quick look at the top 5 brand name jeans.

Diesel - For Successful Living

Diesel produces "premium casual wear" and accessories, and is known for its innovation in design. Diesel’s philosophy is to create a dynamic brand and avoid following trends. The company uses names with personalities to describe their products. For women, this includes the Liv, Muze, Rokket, Ronhar, Blizz, Clush, Doozy, Joyze and more. For men, there are the Revick, Safado, Slammer, Thanaz, Viker and Zatiny styles available.

Seven For All Mankind

Colloquially known simply as "Sevens," these jeans look flattering on anyone, and are popular among Hollywood celebrities. 7FAM jeans are known for their versatility, stretch and for the way they contour the body. The vast majority of their jeans are low-rise. Some of the fits for men are the Flynt, Dylan, Floyd, Cooper, Slimmy and Rocker. For women, 7FAM offers the Super Flare, Dojo, Edie, Roxanne, Sophie and Lucy, among others.

Wrangler - Wear Your Heart Out

Wrangler has a reputation for durable, dependable jeans, and it is closely identified with the Western heritage in the United States. They have several lines of jeans, such as Western Wear, 20X and Wrangler47. They also have Riggs Workwear for tough jobs like construction, Wrangler Pro Gear for hunting and Wrangler Rugged Wear for hiking, camping and fishing. They also offer khakis and classic five-pocket jeans.

Lee - Get What Fits

Lee is generally known for plain, work-oriented jeans. It may not be a trendy designer name, but the company has a long history in jeans production in the United States. For women, there are several styles available, including the no-gap waistband bootcut, natural fit cargo, natural fit straight leg and mid-rise bootcut flap pocket. For men, the available styles include bootcut 5-pocket, relaxed straight leg, regular fit tapered leg, carpenter and more.

Levi Strauss & Co.

Another iconic American jeans brand, Levi Strauss & Co. was founded in 1853 and is credited with the invention of jeans themselves in 1873. Levi’s, like Lee, is known for its classic, traditional look. Among the several styles for men’s jeans are the Vintage Straight 539, SilverTab True Boot, Regular Fit 505 and of course, the classic 501 Original style. For women, there are even more styles available, including the 501 Boyfriend Cut, Cigarette Pant, Too Superlow Flare 524 and Curvy Boot.