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Tackling the trends one leg at a time

While we may covet those skinny jeans or trendy high-waist slacks models and celebrities are sporting, the reality for most women is that it can be hard to find a pair of pants that flatter, while still keeping up with style trends.

The good news on the pants front is that a great fit is always in fashion, regardless of what the magazines say. Whether you’re into playing it safe with a classic pair of linen pants or khakis, or you’re ready to make a bold statement with plaid pants and spandex, make sure the cut is working with you.

Here’s how you can tell:

Dress Pants. When you’re shopping for trousers that work in the workplace or at a social event, be cautious of going both over- and under-conservative. Baggy, shapeless pants will leave you frumpy and won’t do anything for your confidence in a boardroom, while overtly sexy pants will certainly do something for your reputation (and not in a good way). Instead, opt for pants that flatter your figure, without calling attention.

Casual Pants. If you’re looking for a pair of comfy cargos or a cute pair of jeans, now’s the time to have fun. But remember, fit is still your friend. The hard truth is skinny jeans don’t work for every woman and there’s no sense squeezing yourself into them just to look so-so. If you’ve got a shape, work with it by looking for wide or straight legs to slim out thighs and boot-cuts to flatter curves.

Don’t be afraid to take some chances with the bottom half of your outfit, but don’t let the trends dictate your fashion. Use style research for inspiration and then go with what works – a good fit and a great pair of pants!