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Why you can’t live without them

We’re sure most women would live in their favorite pair of jeans – and why shouldn’t you? Denim is a great fashion staple that’s so versatile you can wear it nearly anywhere you need to go.

Skinny Jeans

This look is fairly new and has been all over the runways, but unfortunately, it’s not a look for every woman. If you’re on the short side or have less-than-perfect legs, it might just be best to stay away. If you can pull off a skinny jean, couple it with an oversized top and over-the-top accessories. It’s a great glam look for those with the legs to pull it off!

Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans are more comfortable than their skinny counterparts, but they can look sloppy. Rather than baggy all over, look for wide leg jeans that balance out fuller hips and give the leg a leaner look. Wide legs pants in general are flattering on all body types, and denim is no exception.

Low Rise Jeans

Credit Britney Spears for this look, but remember, low rise jeans should be worn with caution. They don’t flatter the long-waisted, and if you have a belly bulge they won’t hide a thing. If they work for you, great, but if they don’t, don’t be afraid to buck the trend in favor of flattering mid-rise.

Jeans in Color

Don’t be limited by classic blue jeans. Black jeans are a great neutral for your wardrobe, and in summer the sky’s the limit! Try shocking sorbets or white jeans to beat the summer heat in style.

Not enough options? Try a denim skirt to dress up your casual look! Wear it with a great pair of heels and a fitted top and you’ll have a look that will take you from day to evening in a breeze.