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Getting a leg up on fashion trends

‘Five more, four more, three more…’ – if the word “leggings” brings to mind cheesy 80’s fitness videos, you’re not alone! But womens leggings have made a comeback. Many women are scared of this trend, but leggings can be quite flattering to most body types as long as they are worn properly.

Leggings 101

The easiest look to pull off is black leggings. If you’re nervous about entering the world of footless leggings or capri leggings, ease yourself in with classic black before ramping up to something more daring. Lycra leggings in general go with pretty much anything, and black ones will become your wardrobe staple. They can be layered under long tops or short dresses of any color or pattern and when paired with some hot high heels can give your look a sexy edge.

Spandex leggings more than ordinary hosiery leggings will hug your body and show off every lump and bump, so it’s important to check the mirror. Try babydoll cuts, short dresses and tops with empire waists to hide imperfections.

Breaking the Rules

The exception to the spandex rule is denim leggings. These are harder to pull off, but look great on slim, confident women. Glam them up with lots of chunky silver jewelry, and you’ve got a look fit for the runway.

If your figure is fuller, you can still wear this look, but just remember, plus size leggings look best in slightly looser fabrics. For example, cotton leggings will give a similar look as stretch leggings, but are a little more forgiving and not quite so tight.

If you want to add a little bit more excitement to your legging collection, try a pair of lace leggings. They’re flirtier and can be worn under longer dresses so just the bottom peeks out – very sexy!