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Make sure your tops are number one in style

Think it’s easy to wake up in the morning and throw on any old shirt? Well, it is. But finding the perfect top to flatter your shape and your style takes just a little more consideration.

Whether you’re looking to dress up, dress down or find an outfit that is capable of both, a great top is half of the equation. If you’re planning a relaxing weekend outdoors or a quick coffee with some old friends, resist the temptation to throw on your favorite oversized, well-worn tee – a fitted polo shirt or a printed t shirt with a catchy design can give you the extra style boost you need to enjoy your time out.

If the weather’s a little chilly and you need to cover up, you can’t beat a hoodie, no matter your age. Hooded sweatshirts come in so many styles, from zip-front to three-quarter pullovers, you’ll have no trouble finding one for your look. Leave the skull-and-crossbones or quirky heart prints for the teenagers and dress up your look with a bright solid, adorned with beadwork or embroidery.

If you’re going for a look that’s a bit more traditional, trade in your hoodie for a classic cardigan. Go luxurious in cashmere for a dressy look, or in rugged fleece to fight off the cold during after-dinner drinks on a patio. Dressy or casual, be sure to keep your tees and sweaters fitted – oversized pieces add too much bulk and leave you looking sloppy rather than sleek.

It’s easy to hide our bodies with boring, shapeless tops, but you’re not doing yourself any style favors by playing it safe with this fashion choice. Take a risk with the top half of your wardrobe and flatter your shape with the best fit. Put your best front forward with a top that works for you!