Balenciaga Designer Clothing

Balenciaga’s Signature Look

Cristobal Balenciaga began this incredible label in the 1950’s. For over 2 decades, he was dedicated to developing a designer collection which would be recognized around the world as one of the most sophisticated designer collections in the world. After his death in 1972, the Balenciaga label continued to achieve high levels of recognition. Currently, the label remains one of the top labels in the industry and maintains the sophisticated, elegant and classy image it has obtained over the years.

Balenciaga clothing designs consist of tasteful, sleek pieces that are perfect for everyday wear. Intense colors illuminate the collection along with cutting-edge dress designs and other wardrobe essentials.

Sleeveless Shirt with Scarf Tie Collar

This amazingly cute shirt will complement jeans, dress pants and skirts. Versatile and stylish, the super-sexy scarf tie design can be purchased for as low as $250 online. Available only in ivory.

Peach Blazer

This stunning peach blazer will turn heads as you walk down the street. Its button closing, 3 pocket design will make your wardrobe the topic of conversation in the office. Perfect for work or play, this sexy piece can be purchased for as low as $495 online.

Casual Cream Pants

The sleek, sexy style of these pants will complement any outfit. Also available in black, these pants will show off your curves while providing comfort and style. Online, these fierce trousers can be purchased for as low as $500.

Celebrity Sightings

Balenciaga’s clothing collection screams celebrity style. The cutting edge, trendsetting designs found in the collection are exactly what celebrities need to look like they belong in Hollywood. From their sleek capris to their incredibly gorgeous dress designs, Balenciaga has everything you need to look amazing from head to toe. Some of the ultra stylish celebrities seen wearing Balenciaga’s designs are Katie Holmes and Debra Messing. These chic superstars know what it takes to look good in Hollywood and find exactly what they’re looking for in the Balenciaga collection.

Katie Holmes Debra Messing

Average Costs

The average cost of Balenciaga clothing ranges from $250 to over $500. Most pieces are found within this price range but can be purchased for less or more depending on each specific product and season. Similar to most other labels on the market, the shirts and pant lines of the Balenciaga label cost significantly less than their blazers and jackets. If you’re looking to save money, you may want to check out some of last years pieces which are often sold for significantly less.