Betsey Johnson Designer Clothing

Betsey Johnson’s Signature Look

Betsey Johnson has a very distinctive signature style. She is known throughout the industry as the quirky designer whose creations are unique, wild and distinguished; similar to her own personal style. Betsey’s collection consists mainly of blouses, sweatshirts, skirts and dresses. Her designs are amazingly popular among millions of women all over the world.

Betsey Johnson is dedicated to designing truly original pieces that can’t be found in any other collection in the world. Her funky personality combined with her outrageous personal style makes for one interesting collection. If you’re looking for one-of-a kind designs, Betsey Johnson is the perfect collection.

Gingham Jersey

This dress is fun, flirty and perfect for any occasion. The bluish-green color of this dress will look ideal on almost all individuals. If you’re looking for a super cute dress for everyday wear, this one will surely fit the bill. Available for $255 online


This cotton, puff sleeve sweater is perfect to wear over a black or white tank. Elegant, but still creative, this design will accentuate your bustline and give you the curves you’re looking for. The super-cute shirt is available for $140 online.

Pink Wink Hoodie

This ultra-feminine pink hooded sweatshirt is both comfortable and stylish at the same time. Also available in red, this piece screams Betsey Johnson. You can get a taste of Betsey Johnson’s personal style for just $110 online.

Celebrity Sightings

Celebrities are always looking to set themselves apart from everyone else. Perhaps this is the reason Betsey Johnson’s designs are so successful in Hollywood. Celebrities go crazy for Betsey’s unique pieces. Her designs are a top choice when it comes to fashion and awards shows as well everyday clothing for fashionable women. Some of the coveted superstars choosing to wear her distinctive designs include Madonna and Cher. These ultra stylish music icons like to distinguish themselves from others and find their own personal styles within the Betsey Johnson label.

Madonna Cher

Average Costs

Depending on your personal budget (or lack there of) you may find Betsey Johnson’s prices to be very affordable or a little too expensive. Most of her designs cost at least a couple hundred dollars while some can range as high as thousands. Her sweatshirts are usually the cheapest, falling at just over $100, while her evening gowns are the most expensive, costing upwards of a couple thousand dollars.