Burberry Designer Clothing

Burberry’s Signature Look

Burberry is one of the few designers in the industry who have a definite element in each of their incredible designs. If you’re familiar with the Burberry label, you’ll know the selling point of their pieces (in addition to the high quality and timeless style they offer) is the black, red, camel and white checkered print. This signature print is known as the Nova and was originally used as the lining of the trenchcoat in one of Burberry’s first designs.

The Nova print has contributed a significant amount of success to the label and is one of the reasons why the Burberry label is one of the top labels in the industry. The clothing collection consists of trenchcoats, blazers, blouses, skirts, pants capris and more.

Plaid Cotton Dress

Keeping with the plaid theme of Burberry designs, this dress takes a slightly different approach to their exclusive style. Green is the new pink for this year, which is why this dress is so hot! Flattering for all body types, this dress definitely makes it on our top list of the year. Available online for $795.

Virginia Belted Jacket

Made in Italy, this breathtaking trenchcoat is perfect for business or casual wear. The double breasted style with modern leather trim is hip and stylish for all occasions. Paired with jeans or dress pants, this stylish design will complement all types of personal styles. Available online for $950.

Pony Plaid Tote

This designer handbag is the perfect accessory to any outfit. The traditional Burberry check print with leather straps and trim is the hottest handbag this season. Available for $795 online, this is a definite must-have for your wardrobe.

Celebrity Sightings

Burberry designs are popular among millions of men and women all over the world but are especially popular among Hollywood celebrities. This high-end label delivers the entire package when it comes to a collection – high quality, sophisticated designs in a variety of shapes colors and sizes. Marcia Cross is a huge fan of the Burberry label, both on and off the set of “Desperate Housewives”. Supermodel Kate Moss also enjoys the ponchos offered in the collection.

Marcia Cross Kate Moss

Average Costs

The average cost of Burberry designs are quite high compared to some of the other labels on the market. Although their prices are slightly higher, the high quality and unique designs offered in each piece make Burberry designs worth every penny of the cost. Their dresses usually cost between $700 and $1000 or more depending on the style, while their jackets, pants, shirts and handbags are slightly less.