Calvin Klein Designer Clothing

Calvin Klein’s Signature Look

Calvin Klein has maintained an all-American image since its establishment in 1968. This label has taken an urban approach to fashion and has quickly become one of the most respected labels in the industry. Also known as CK (or cK), Calvin Klein gained a significant amount of popularity from their sultry ad campaigns which usually featured well-known (and gorgeous) celebrities.

In addition to their wide array of jeans, shirts, blouses, skirts and dress pants, Calvin Klein also designs and manufactures a wide range of highly publicized underwear and lingerie. Everything you need to live your life in style can be found in Calvin Klein’s amazing collection.

Denim Cotton Stretch Jeans

These bootleg style jeans are great for everyday wear or for a night out. Comfortable and sexy, these jeans are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Available for $75 online.

Print Dress

As featured on the runway in a recent haute couture fashion show, this dress is a must-have for all seasons. Its light, flattering design is perfect for spring and paired with a mint green sweater makes it perfect for fall or winter as well. This breathtaking piece can be found for just under $2,400 online.

Organza Printed Blouse

This shirt is fun, flirty and flattering – the three essential elements of every wardrobe. This truly unique piece of luxury apparel features hand-stitched seams for truly original and unique detailing. Available for just $725 online, this top is clearly irresistible.

Celebrity Sightings

A number of Hollywood’s sexiest superstars have been seen sporting Calvin Klein’s amazing designs. The all-American image is a popular style among today’s sultry superstars which is why the label is so popular among millions of everyday men and women as well. International songstress Ashanti is a huge fan of the label as well as former Pussycat Doll Carmen Electra. These super sexy divas are just a few of the women choosing to wear Calvin Klein’s amazing designs.

Ashanti Carmen Electra

Average Costs

Calvin Klein has one of the largest price ranges of all the designers in the business. From as little as $75 for a pair of jeans to over $3,000 for a sultry dress, Calvin Klein has something for every budget. Most of their wardrobe essentials like jeans, shirts, sweaters and blouses cost less than $100 which is highly affordable for most budgets.