Emilio Pucci Designer Clothing

Emilio Pucci’s Signature Look

Emilio Pucci has one of the most distinctive signature looks in the industry. His creative, unique designs have pushed limits and exceeded boundaries within the fashion market. Unlike any other designer in the industry, Emilio Pucci has created some of the most renowned pieces and is one of the most talked about designers in the business.

Pucci uses a wide variety of intense colors like bright pink, lime green, sky blue and bright purple to grab the attention of consumers. In addition to the wide range of intense colors, Pucci is also known for his use of geometric shapes and designs. Emilio Pucci’s designs are some of the most sought after styles on the market.

Printed Silk Handbag

This 1970’s inspired silk handbag will add style to any outfit. An inner lining of apple green adds to the uniqueness of this design. This incredible designer handbag can be purchased for just over $300 online.

White Geometric T-Shirt

One of Emilio’s most popular pieces, this white t-shirt features pink, blue and yellow geometric lines to display true Pucci style. Paired with a pair of dark denim jeans, this t-shirt can really enhance a designer wardrobe. Available for $366 online.

Reflessi Halter Dress

This multi-colored, geometric print halter dress will light up any party. This amazing design features a darting bust and button fastenings at the back of the neck. Available online for only $885.

Celebrity Sightings

Emilio Pucci’s designs are highly popular among many of today’s hottest superstars. Looking to make a statement? Emilio Pucci’s designs will make you stand out and get noticed whether you’re at an awards show, music show or otherwise. Some of the incredibly beautiful celebrities choosing to spice up their wardrobes with Emilio’s designs include Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera. These gorgeous vocalists not only have amazing voices but have amazing style as well.

Jessica Simpson Christina Augilera

Average Costs

Emilio Pucci’s incredible designs are fairly affordable, depending on your budget. His amazing handbags, t-shirts and tank tops generally fall at around $300 to $400, while his fabulous dress designs are significantly more. Expect to pay anywhere from $700 to $1,500 or possibly more for his dress designs, which are relatively expensive but absolutely gorgeous.