Fcuk Designer Clothing

Fcuk’s Signature Look

The fcuk (French Connection United Kingdom) label was originally exclusive to the United Kingdom but has recently made its way overseas and into the North American market. fcuk’s amazing, European-inspired clothing designs have become extremely popular in North America and continue to dominate the European market as well.

Perhaps the most identifiable feature of the fcuk label lies within its name. The designers decided to capitalize on the significance of the name and have released a number of designs that read “I’d fcuk me” or “fcuk 24-7” or even “mile high fcuk.” The label become very popular from these designs but the company has decided to phase out this line of clothing in order to create more validity in the industry.

Kamikaze Mac Jacket

This chocolate brown jacket is ideal for any season. The fully lined design with belt tie will enhance the look of every outfit while offering superior comfort. Available online for approximately $200.

Grace Dress

This fiery hot, red dress will heat up any party. The ruffled skirt and criss-cross neckline will complement any body type and will flatter smaller-busted women. Also available in black and pear. Find it online for just over $120.

Lisa Lawn Blouse

This sexy-sophisticated blouse (available in white or black) is perfect for the office or evening wear. Pair it with a pair of wide-leg dress pants for a business look or with jeans for a more casual appearance. Available for approximately $100 online.

Celebrity Sightings

The designs found in fcuk's incredible collection are very different from the traditional designs of most high-end labels. You won’t see a floor length fcuk gown on the red carpet for the Oscars (at least not yet) but you will see their designs on a number of highly known celebrities on a daily basis. Comfortable and casual, fcuk designs are perfect for low maintenance men and women who enjoy looking stylish everyday. Some of the Hollywood superstars sporting fcuk’s amazing designs include casual cutie Heather Locklear and “Entertainment Tonight” host Vanessa Minnillo.

Heather Locklear Vanessa Minnillo

Average Costs

Most of the designs found in fcuk's fabulous collection are very affordable considering the populaity of the label. Most of their designs cost less than $300 and are available for even less. Their incredible jacket designs generally fall around $200, while their dresses range from $100 to $200 depending on the style and season. Blouses, shirts, jeans and sweatshirts are available at lower prices, usually between $100 and $175.