Fendi Designer Clothing

Fendi’s Signature Look

Fendi’s sultry designs have been pleasing women all over the world for over three quarters of a century. This world renowned label has experienced insurmountable levels of success within the fashion industry and has become one of the most luxurious designer collections in the business. The label was originally established as a small leather goods company but has evolved into a multi-dimensional label offering a diverse collection of high-end clothing, handbags, accessories, shoes and more.

Fendi uses a “FF” logo on many of their incredible designs which has also become very prominent in the industry. Feminine pieces with ties, ribbons, lace and fitted designs are definitive elements in Fendi’s collection. The label is a highly respected company whose success is expected to continue well into the future.

White Sleeveless Blouse

This design transforms the look of a classic white blouse into a modern-day piece of art. Only the super-sophisticated females dare to wear this amazing design made of 100 percent cotton. Available for $575 online.

Pleated Denim Skirt

The cute, feminine design of this skirt is ideal for women looking for versatile pieces in their wardrobe. This dark denim skirt can be paired with tanks, tees and sweaters and is perfect regardless of the occasion. This full-flared skirt is available online for approximately $700.

Polka Dot Sleeveless Blouse

The youthful design of this polka dot blouse will flatter all body types. Its criss-cross front and belted waist accentuate small waistlines and hide larger ones. This super cute design is available for just $830 online.

Celebrity Sightings

Fendi has become a very popular designer label within the entertainment industry. Many of today’s sexiest superstars are recognizing the sophistication and elegance of the Fendi label. Some of Hollywood’s most talked about celebrities have chosen to wear Fendi’s incredible designs to some of the most prestigious events in the world.

Denise Richards is just one of the sexy females who have chosen to show their love for fashion through Fendi designs. Former “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” actress Sarah Michelle Gellar is also a huge supporter of the Fendi label and has been caught wearing the designer pieces on a number of occasions.

Denise Richards Sarah Michelle Gellar

Average Costs

Fendi designs can be found at the higher end of the pricing spectrum when it comes to designer clothing. Their blouses, shirts, tank tops and tees usually cost at least $500 and as much as $1,000 or possibly more depending on the style. Skirts, dresses and pants usually cost more, ranging in price from $700 to $1200.