Gucci Designer Clothing

Gucci’s Signature Look

Gucci is a highly publicized name in the fashion industry and is one of the most popular designer labels the world has ever seen. Gucci designs constantly define the latest trends and styles and consistently remain popular from season to season.

Gucci’s designs are highly sophisticated, elegant and some of the most stylish designs on the market. Their infamous “G” logo is featured on a number of their incredible designs (although it is most prominent in their handbags) and has become a highly recognizable logo in the industry. Gucci has made a significant influence on the fashion industry and will continue to change the way we look at fashion.

Short-Sleeved Gold Blouse

This is by far, one of Gucci’s most glamorous pieces. The bow on the front adds sophistication and uniqueness while the buttoned sleeve adds elegance. This amazing style can be purchased for only $720 online.

Sleek Black Skirt

Every woman needs an elegant black skirt. Extremely versatile, this pencil skirt can be paired up with virtually any kind of top. From tank tops to sweaters, this skirt will complement any individual and any type of body. This fabulous piece is available online for only $640.

Rayon V-Neck Tank Top

This cute, flirty tank top is a must-have in every woman’s closet. The weaving tie design in the front is nothing compared to the sexy triangle tie design on the back. Available for only $1,150 online.

Celebrity Sightings

Gucci designs are some of the most popular choices when it comes to celebrity fashion. This incredible collection has been worn by so many celebrities it’s nearly impossible to pick just two of the beauties to represent the label. So who do we think wears the Gucci label the best? Jennifer Love Hewitt and Charlize Theron are our top picks in this category. Both women have completely different styles but find a way to make Gucci designs work with their personalities. From flirty to sexy, Gucci designs will enhance the style and appearance of women with all types of individual tastes.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Charlize Theron

Average Costs

The cost of Gucci designer clothing is relatively steep compared to a number of other luxury labels on the market. Their shirts and tank tops can range in price anywhere from $700 to $1,200 depending on the style, whereas the skirts range in price from $600 to $800. Jackets and evening gowns are considerably more and can cost as much as $3,000 or possibly more depending on the specific design and season.