Guess Designer Clothing

Guess’ Signature Look

The Guess label was founded by the Marciano brothers in 1981. The label has since grown into an international success story featuring some of the most popular clothing designs the fashion world has ever seen.

Cutting-edge designs and sultry models define the Guess label and have influenced the label in a number of ways. From frayed, ripped and torn jeans to sexy, sultry and provocative tops, Guess has successfully combined the perfect label for men and women of all ages.

Mitered Stripe Blouse

This classic white blouse is ideal for women looking to exude sophistication and class. The covered button design and partially ruffled features add to the amazing style of this shirt. This blouse can be found online for just $60.

Etta Embroidered Dress

Another classic style by the Guess label but with a cute twist. Guess has taken the most flattering dress style and spiced it up with a cool abstract design. This 100 percent cotton, fully lined piece can be found for just under $100 online.

Foxy Flare Jeans

These light denim, partially faded jeans will flatter any body shape. Our must-have choice from the Guess denim line, these low-rise jeans are slim-fitting for ultimate style and comfort. Looking for the perfect pair of jeans? I think you just found them. Available for $118 online.

Celebrity Sightings

Guess designs have become a very popular label in the entertainment industry and has completed the wardrobes of some of today’s most famous celebrities. Paris Hilton wears Guess designs out on the town and around the streets of Hollywood on a regular basis. In addition to the famous heiress, world renowned actress Sandra Bullock is also a huge fan of the Guess label. Sandra prefers their denim designs and sweatshirts as opposed to the somewhat provocative styles of their tank tops and tube tops.

Paris Hilton Sandra Bullock

Average Costs

Guess products are quite affordable and will accommodate most budgets. The sexy designs found in the label can range in price from as low as $50 to as high as hundreds of dollars, depending on the specific piece. Guess jeans generally cost anywhere from $90 to $200, while shirts, sweatshirts and dresses fall in the price range of $45 to $150.