Hurley Designer Clothing

Hurley’s Signature Look

Hurley’s signature style is very different compared to most other designer labels in the industry. This label is more appealing to younger individuals looking for a cutting-edge image. The designs found in this collection are a combination of rock, punk and skater. Radical sweatshirts, army pants, baby tees and floral skirts are prominent in the collection.

Individuals looking to make a statement with their wardrobe will likely find what they’re looking for in the Hurley label. Hats, shoes and other casual clothing define this label. Living in comfort and style if what Hurley is all about.

Flutter Tom Boy Tee

This classic white t-shirt with graphic design is flirty and feminine. Its comfortable, stretch fit will flatter all types of bodies and its casual appearance will complement any outfit. Available online for only $21.95.

Maui Girl Skirt

Veering away from Hurley’s typical rock star style, this cute Maui girl skirt is one of the newer pieces in the Hurley collection. For true Hurley style, we suggest pairing it with one of their trademark sweatshirts for an edgier image. Available online for $45.

Hurley Imagine Men’s Hooded Sweatshirt

Although it’s in the men’s collection, we definitely think this sweatshirt is suitable for both sexes. Hurley is known for their super comfortable sweatshirts which are perfect for all seasons. Available for $31.50 online.

Celebrity Sightings

There are a number of high profile celebrities who enjoy the styles offered by the Hurley label. Most of Hurley’s audience lies in younger individuals, usually mid-teens to mid-twenties who are looking for an edgy, comfortable image. “Laguna Beach” star Kristin Cavallari enjoys the look of Hurley as well as Avril Lavigne, who is known for her punk/rock style. These sexy divas know what they want and go for it.

Kristin Cavallari Avril Lavigne

Average Costs

The average cost of Hurley clothing designs are inexpensive compared to most other labels on the market. Their designs are meant to target a younger audience and the prices are fitting as well. Most of their designs are found for less than $60 while some are as low as $20. Skirts and jackets generally cost more than tees and pants but are still found for less than $60, in most cases.