Karl Lagerfeld Designer Clothing

Karl Lagerfeld’s Signature Look

Karl Lagerfeld is one of the most highly respected designers the fashion industry has ever seen. His incredible portfolio includes working relationships with Valentino, Fendi, Chloé and Chanel. Throughout his experiences with each of these world renowned labels, Lagerfeld gained the knowledge and talent he needed to design his very own collection of designer clothing. His risk-taking designs have become appealing to individuals all over the world and especially popular among celebrities.

Although his collection of ready-to-wear clothing is difficult to get your hands on, his “Love Karl” t-shirts are some of the hottest selling designs on the market. His unbelievable collection of designer clothing is expected to become the most popular label on the market.

Love Karl T-Shirt

A Karl Lagerfeld classic tee, this shirt is one of the hottest designs currently on the market. The black mercerized tee with white writing is available in a number of sizes and can be purchased online for $150.

Celebrity Sightings

Karl Lagerfeld has designed some of the most stunning designer gowns in the industry. His breathtaking pieces have been worn by some of the most famous individuals in the industry and have blessed the bodies of some of the entertainment industry’s sexiest superstars. Johnny Depp’s incredibly gorgeous wife Vanessa Paradis has chosen Karl Lagerfeld’s designs on a number of occasions. Pop diva Mariah Carey has also been known to choose Karl as a top designer for her barely-there dresses she wears to awards shows. If anyone is capable of designing dresses for the diva, it’s definitely Karl Lagerfeld.

Average Costs

The cost of Karl Lagerfeld’s incredible designs is quite steep compared to a number of other designers on the market. His designs hold such status that he can get away with charging $150 for a t-shirt because he knows people will still buy it. You think that’s expensive, his evening gowns and party dresses go for thousands of dollars a pop. Talk about high quality pieces with high price tags.