Lacoste Designer Clothing

Lacoste’s Signature Look

Lacoste’s collection was established by world renowned tennis player René Lacoste. After retiring from tennis, Lacoste decided to design his very own collection of designer clothing. His first collection was a huge success and the entire collection has surpassed the expectations of all the professionals in the industry.

Lacoste’s designs are recognized by the small crocodile logo featured on most of his designs. This logo has highly contributed to the popularity of the label and has become synonymous with Lacoste’s high quality designs.

Retro-Fit Pink Polo Tee

Available in a number of colors (black, green, blue and white) this polo tee with crocodile logo is perfect for golfing, shopping or just hanging out with friends on a hot summer day. Made of 100 percent cotton pique with ribbed collar and 3 button design. Available online for $69

Striped Cotton Polo

This casual cotton polo tee is a perfect shirt for relaxing at the park or having a game of football. Its three button design with solid woven collar offer the utmost in style and quality. Available online for $88.

Polka Dot Halter Dress

This super cute halter design will flatter all body shapes and sizes. The fierce red color will brighten up any outfit and make you look like you belong in the professionals. Crocodile logo completes the outfit. Available online for $145.

Celebrity Sightings

Lacoste’s unique, sporty designs are very popular among athletic individuals and those looking to enhance their wardrobe with sportswear. The amazing collared tees from the collection are very popular among tennis player Maria Sharapova. In addition to Maria, male tennis superstar Andy Roddick is also a fan of the crocodile designs and chooses to wear this incredible label both on and off the court.

Maria Sharapova Andy Roddick

Average Costs

The average cost of Lacoste designs is somewhat expensive for athletic-looking apparel. Their plain logo tees and collared shirts are upwards of $100, while their dresses usually cost around $150. Pants and jackets generally cost significantly more, ranging as high as hundreds of dollars for one piece. The prices seem high but the quality is well worth the money.