Michael Kors Designer Clothing

Michael Kors’ Signature Look

Michael Kors has made his mark on the fashion industry with some of the most memorable designs the market has ever seen. At the young age of just 19, Michael began designing haute couture clothing and in 1982, after years of practice, his first line was launched.

The collection consists of elegant dresses, skirts, blouses, shirts, sweaters and more. His sexy designs are perfect for women of all shapes and sizes and are designed with the highest quality by the industry’s most talented professionals.

Silk Top

This black and white silk tank top screams sophistication and sexiness. Made of lustrous Italian silk georgette with a glamorous bow and keyhole neckline. This incredible design is available online for only $495.

Leopard Print Dress

This silk, halter leopard print dress is only recommended for super sexy women with a flare for style. The knee-length design of this piece combined with the sultry keyhole neck in the back of the dress makes for a dynamite outfit. Find this design online for only $1,475.

Jersey Dress

This dark brown dress with buckled shoulder on the left-hand side is simple and classic. This truly sophisticated design falls just above the knee for an elegant look. The plunging neckline and ruched bodice are the final touches to this amazing design.

Celebrity Sightings

Michael Kors’ collection is extremely popular among a wide range of men and women. Women of all shapes, sizes, ages and personal styles find something in the Michael Kors label that suits their preferences. Whether it’s a sophisticated blouse or a breathtaking dress, Michael Kors offers designs to suit all women. Some of the famous celebrities choosing to wear Michael Kors’ incredible designs include Barbara Streisand and Sharon Stone. These fashionistas know how to look beautiful and find exactly what they’re looking for in the Michael Kors collection.

Barbara Streisand Sharon Stone

Average Costs

Michael Kors is a dedicated designer who spends hours designing high-end pieces for his collection. These designs are made with the finest materials by some of the fashion industry's most talented designers. As a result, these designs are relatively expensive. His dress designs generally cost upwards of a couple thousand dollars, while shirts, pants and sweaters are slightly less. His designs are unlike any other designs in the industry and are definitely worth the cost.