Oscar De La Renta Designer Clothing

Oscar De La Renta’s Signature Look

Oscar De La Renta has been a dominant force in the fashion industry for over four decades. His love for fashion and his incredible ability to design breathtaking haute couture pieces is unlike any other fashion designer in the industry.

Oscar’s designs are over-the-top, elaborate and have become the topic of conversation all over the world. From world renowned awards shows to high-class celebrity weddings, Oscar De La Renta has played an important role in 20th and 21st century fashion. Truly a fashion icon, Oscar De La Renta will continue to unveil new trends and unique developments in the world of fashion for many years to come.

Silk Chiffon Skirt with Feather Hem

This amazing skirt design defines Oscar De La Renta’s true style. The classy chiffon design is cute, feminine and flattering to all body types. This skirt will make any woman look like a million dollars. Available for only $2,400 online.

Tiered Ruffled Dress

This incredible dress design is simple and classic and simply classic. Its ruffled design is feminine and flirty and perfect for all types of occasions. Need a simply beautiful dress for an upcoming event? I think you just found what you’re looking for. Available for $2,400 online.

Mosaic Tote

This green suede tote is absolutely divine. Its intricate green stone details and incredible mosaic design are primary features however; the wooden handle is a key selling point of this piece as well. Tote this bag around town and look fabulous all day, everyday. Available online for $1,875.

Celebrity Sightings

Oscar De La Renta’s designs have framed the bodies of the world’s sexiest celebrities. The incredible styles in the label hug women in exactly the right places and the designs are truly some of the most elaborate designs in the industry. There are a number of famous superstars who have worn Oscar’s incredible designs but two of the sexy females have worn it the best. Halle Berry and Penelope Cruz are no match for other celebrities when it comes to Oscar’s breathtaking designs. These women know how to wear Oscar De La Renta’s designs and have modeled some of the most memorable gowns of the century.

Halle Berry Penelope Cruz

Average Costs

The average cost of Oscar De La Renta designer clothing is relatively expensive compared to a number of other designers on the market. His incredible dress designs are upwards of $2,400 but generally cost significantly more. Even his handbag designs are upwards of $2,000 but if you have the money it’s a great investment. High quality for high prices is what you’ll find in the Oscar De La Renta Collection.