Paul Frank Designer Clothing

Paul Frank’s Signature Look

Paul Frank has a very definitive feature associated with his clothing. Many designers promote their clothing using a signature logo, motto, etc. Paul Frank decided he was going to create a logo for his collection. This logo was a monkey who goes by the name of Julius. Who knew a monkey could produce so much success for a label?

As Paul Frank soon found out, a simple face of a monkey can make the difference between a successful company and a total failure. Don’t get me wrong, his designs are incredible but the definite selling point of his collection is this funny looking monkey. The complete collection offers a wide range of designer sweatshirts, t-shirts, jeans and more.

Chicken Pox Tee

This green t-shirt features Julius with the chicken pox. This tee has become a hot commodity for younger audiences and is one of the fastest selling t-shirts on the market. Available in a number of sizes, this Paul Frank designer tee can be found online for $20.95.

Unisex Julius Full Zip Hoodie

This stylish green hoodie is perfect for lounging or hanging out with friends. Small logo of Julius the monkey on upper left corner. Made of 80 percent cotton and 20 percent polyester. Appropriate for women as well. Available online for $56.

Women’s Julius Full Zip Hoodie

This bright orange hooded sweatshirt is ideal for women of all shapes, sizes and skin tones. Large Julius logo on the front of the sweatshirt finishes the amazing design. Available online for $50.

Celebrity Sightings

Paul Frank’s designs are one of the less popular designer labels in the industry, mostly because his signature style is very different compared to Hollywood’s standard image. When we think of Hollywood, we think of glamorous designs and floor length gowns. Well, Paul Frank has taken a more casual approach to designer fashion which has become a huge success with celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Avril Lavigne. These wild childs of Hollywood enjoy the edgy styles of Paul Frank’s collection and choose to wear his amazing styles on a regular basis.

Jessica Simpson   Avril Lavigne

Average Costs

Paul Frank’s distinctive designs are extremely affordable for those looking to purchase from his collection. Most of his designs are found for less than $75 and some as low as $20. His t-shirts and long sleeved shirts are the least expensive items in the collection (with the exception of accessories, small leather goods, etc.), while his pants and sweatshirts are the most expensive.