Prada Designer Clothing

Prada’s Signature Style

Prada is one of the most talked about labels in the fashion industry. Incredible designs from the collection have been featured on runways, music shows, awards shows and magazines all over the world and are known as some of the most extraordinary designs ever made.

Prada is most known for their incredible dress designs which have blessed the bodies of some of the world’s most beautiful people. Their designs feature intricate detailing and ruched designs seem to be popular in the latest collection. In addition to their stunning dresses, Prada also designs a wide range of shirts, skirts, pants, shoes, blouses, handbags and accessories.

Silk Polka Dot Dress

This spaghetti strap, fiery red dress is cute and sexy at the same time. The knee length design and pleated bottom add elegance to the design while the polka dots maintain a fun, youthful image. This dress can be purchased online for approximately $1000.

¾ Length Off-White Dress

This off-white, cloth dress is absolutely stunning. Raw cut edges add style to the design while the pleats add elegance. The incredible design features a lined interior and is made of 100 percent cotton. Available online for $1,552.

Spring Sailing Dress

This unique design is one of Prada’s fastest selling pieces in the collection. The black, white and yellow sailing design is ideal for a day on the yacht or simply shopping in the city. Its knee-length design and fitted body add sleekness and sophistication to the dress. This creative design is available online for $574.

Celebrity Sightings

Prada designs define celebrity style. They can be sophisticated, classy, provocative or out-of- this world, depending on what your personal style calls for. Prada designs have dressed some of the sexiest superstars in the world. From Lindsay Lohan to Kate Bosworth, Prada is the one of the leading designers when it comes to celebrity fashion. On and off the runway Prada’s stunning designs are framing the curves of women all over the world. If you want the inside scoop on the label and the fashion industry overall, make sure you check out the movie “The Devil Wears Prada,” which is sure to give you a better idea of what it’s really like in the business.

Lindsay Lohan Kate Bosworth

Average Costs

Prada’s incredible designs generally cost more than what most labels charge. Their designs are known worldwide as some of the most desired pieces and as a result, people are willing to pay a lot for their designs. Most of their dresses cost at least $500 and as much as thousands of dollars depending on the specific designs.