Ralph Lauren Designer Clothing

Ralph Lauren’s Signature Look

The Ralph Lauren collection features an elusive mix of preppy, classy designs and sporty, casual styles. Perhaps most well known for his polo and rugby designs, the Ralph Lauren label offers a wide range of patterned and solid polo and rugby shirts for men, women and children.

The collection currently consists of a number of labels, each offering unique features. Ralph Lauren’s Blue label has become a very popular addition over the past few years and offers a number of sophisticated, stylish designs.

Elena Pencil Stripe Shirt

The must-have piece from Ralph Lauren’s Lauren collection, this black pencil stripe shirt exudes sophistication and classiness. The classic fitting design with button-down closure is perfect for work or play. Available online for $75.

Blue Wrap Cardigan

We chose this light blue wrap cardigan with tie waste as the must-have design from Ralph Lauren’s Black Label. This sexy, feminine shirt is perfect for a first date or can be dressed up for almost any occasion. This sultry design can be found online for $500.

Adeline Linen Jacket

This extremely stylish, casually sophisticated coat will add the final touch to any outfit. The slim fitting design and sexy button silhouette will flatter women of all shapes and sizes. Detailed pockets add to the uniqueness of the piece. Our must-have choice from Ralph Lauren’s Blue Label, this stunning piece can be purchased for just under $300 online.

Celebrity Sightings

There are many celebrities who have shown a significant interest in the Ralph Lauren label. Whether you’re interested in the comfy polo tees or the incredible evening gowns, there’s a piece of Ralph Lauren for everyone. From international superstar Penelope Cruz in her amazing evening gown to music sensation Hilary Duff in her Polo tees, Ralph Lauren is making his mark on the Hollywood scene. The label is so popular that a hip-hop band (‘Lo Lifes) named themselves after the Polo label and actually rapped about wearing and stealing Ralph Lauren’s designs from high-end stores. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.

Penelope Cruz Hilary Duff

Average Costs

Ralph Lauren has a very diverse price range when it comes to his collection. Each label falls into a different price category to suit the needs of all personal budgets. For the most part, his designs are affordable, ranging in a price range from $50 to $500 depending on the specific piece and style. Obviously his designer gowns are going to cost significantly more, generally at least a couple thousand dollars per piece.